JT-Arts is the husband and wife team of Janet and Tom Smalley.
We are passionate about designing and creating functional art pieces- working primarily in wood, and love nothing more than seeing one of our pieces displayed and in use in a home setting.
Our designs are inspired by many of the things we love in nature, and we are both avid gardeners.
Tom, the tinkerer, cuts and pieces together many different types and colors of woods, creating one of a kind inlaid functional pieces ranging from small furniture items to lazy susans to trays and even birdhouses.

Janet, with a background in fine arts and painting, believes that just about every surface can be enhanced by a beautiful color palette,  and perhaps the addition of some swoops and swirls.

we’re creating wood art pieces….
We’re just beginning to build up our inventory – some are posted here on our website.

Please enjoy !

we also like painting any other wood object or small furniture…even walls and doors!
If you have that wood piece that is just screaming for some color or personality, we can help.
And we would love to hear from you!

our first project that we did together

Let us know if you want more information.  We’re open to all suggestions and ideas.

thanks!  Janet and Tom

email:  swoopjns@gmail.com


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    • hi – i am so sorry – i just saw this message. lmk if you are still interested. Glass Lazy Susans only only come in 12 inch size. Price would be $40 plus shipping.
      ps – i am heading out of town this weekend – but will be back to respond to you early next week. Sorry again for not getting with you sooner.

  1. Do you have pricing for the wood inlay patio table outdoor lazy susan with hole for umbrella. Must be 16 or 18″ ONLY. NO larger

    • hi – was there a specific one that you were interested in? or is there one that you like – and would like us to duplicate? If we already have one made that you like – then the price would be $50, plus shipping. If we make one for you – then the price would be $70 plus shipping. I am heading out of town for the weekend, so – lmk – and I will get back with you once I return.

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